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Grass doesn't block IR laser
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You can lay down and paint a target with a laser going through multiple grass bitmaps. The laser should be blocked by a grass, like it is being blocked by other objects.

Possibly this could affect visible lasers and laser designators as well.

This may be linked to the fact, that the AI sees through the grass. Trees and their leaves block AI view, as well as laser's beam, while the grass blocks neither of them. {F19460}


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  1. Place a soldier on a grass near runway at Stratis airbase.
  2. Set the time to night.


  1. Turn IR laser on, go prone and aim more or less horizontally into the grass.
  2. Use Splendid Camera to see, how laser goes through the grass.
Additional Information

I understand, that collision detection puts more load on the system and the grass is expensive even as it is now. But maybe there is a way to bypass this issue? Arma 2 laser rangefinder seemed to react to grass.

One idea is to run detection only, where a character is present. If a soldier is lying in the grass (that is if there are more than 4 grass bitmaps within 1m from him), then he is flagged as hidden from AI (under normal coditions, like not shooting at the AI). If a laser is used by a character lying in the grass, the beam is automatically cut at 1m length.

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