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IR laser intensity changes with different lighting conditions
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Laser looks all right, when it's dark around. In areas with new lighting, it changes it's appearance with regards to lightsource's direction. Laser changes into weak and transparent line or looks like it's an object with a shadow.

Tested near lamps at the airbase, Agia Marina and Hunter's headlights. All of these lights influenced IR laser's appearance.

Observed in Dev build 0.57.105210 {F19457} {F19458} {F19459}


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Steps To Reproduce


  1. Place a soldier somewhere near strong lights. Airbase or headlights of a car will do.
  2. Set time to midnight.


  1. Turn NV and laser on.
  2. Walk into the light, stop and turn around few times.
  1. Observe changes in laser's beam appearance.
  1. Repeat the process, but this time place the soldier away from civilization, for example at grid 038059.
  2. Turn around and observe, that the beam is bright and opaque all the time.
Additional Information

It has to do something with HDR, because the laser transparency appears after NV goggles adjust themselves to local lighting conditions.

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