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ARMA3 crashes when playing any showcase
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I have noticed this since the update from the 10th of May, Everytime I start a showcase, it plays okay for a few minutes then crashes, most notably if I play the heli showcase, the game crashes almost instantly before I even get a chance to jump in the heli.

I think this is related to the crash when exiting ARMA, because that too happens, same way when I exit arma before it crashes.
{F19416} {F19417} {F19418} {F19419} {F19420}


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start arma3, and remain in main menu for about 10-15min.
Start a showcase in arma, and play a few minutes, it will frezze up and crash.
start heli showcase specifically, and it crashes almost instantly when you get in game.

No mods or extras running, it's all vanilla A3 alpha dev build. also reverted back to non dev build, still, same thing happens.

Additional Information

attaching the files I think may help

Starting to think theres an issue with the game, so going to spend tonight downloading the entire game as a clean install again, will update after that if the problem still persists.

***Due to some problems with Windows, I did a clean install of windows, and ARMA3, and still... the problem persists -sigh-

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I cant get the other one uploaded, slightly too big, but let me know if you need the other file, and I will make a plan.

Please send us also dxdiag. Thank you.

okay I just completed a fresh install of windows 7 pro 64, and also fresh install of Arma3, both standard and dev build crashing =(

So dev build crashes upon startup, non dev build will startup but crash some time into the game with a blue screen. Managed to play infantry for almost 10min and then BSOD.

uploaded the DxDiag text file too as requested

My helicopter showcase doesn't crash, but I have an error message on the screen with script code. This code is also present in my .rpt file. The error message appears just after "Defend Mike-26" and "Stop enemy vehicles" task assigned messages and disappears just after "Stop enemy veicles" objective completed message. Previously the showcase worked fine, I have Dev build 0.57.105210. I've attached my files.

Who voted down??? If you dont get the same issue, it doesnt mean you should vote down, just means you arent affected and you are lucky... real facepalm that one.

Anyway I think this ticket can be related to as i get the same error I use to when it crashed upon closing arma3. This obviously occuring after the issue was supposedly fixed? Just guessing. Still getting it, no matter what I try.

Okay tested with todays update, still crashing for me =( only played infantry showcase, as soon as I get orders to find and take out spotters, then it just freezes up and crashes... -sigh-

Still happening, I was playing infantry showcase, and then quickly got up to do something, pressed escape to pause game. When I got back 5min later the game was frozen, pressing ctrl+alt+delete to go to task manager revealed it crashed again.

Mods: A3
Distribution: 0
Version 0.59.105592
Fault time: 2013/05/22 18:05:04
Fault address: 00442194 01:00041194 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe
file: showcase_infantry
world: stratis
Prev. code bytes: 0F 7E 84 24 94 00 00 00 8B 8C 24 AC 00 00 00 5F
Fault code bytes: 66 0F D6 00 5E 66 0F D6 70 08 5D 66 0F D6 68 10

EAX:00442280 EBX:00000020
ECX:00000000 EDX:00100000
ESI:00000001 EDI:0202F140
SS:ESP:002B:0202F140 EBP:478F9DE0
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

***PS updated the ticket description etc.

Okay seriously, I am, getting rather frustrated now. The game wont stop crashing, no matter what. New updates don't fix this... It's been about two weeks now that I don't get to play or test out new updates, and it is depressing honestlty.

Okay so this problem seems to be resolved for me with latest dev build EXE rev. 05900.

Today I have started playing my showcases, and no crash in game yet, However I will be doing more testing, only played and completed 2 showcases, still 2 more to go, but definately looks promising. Finally I get to play arma again =D

Thanks in advance, will confirm later.

Can you confirm that this crash is fixed please? Thank you.

Confirmed, all is good! Thank you for fixing this, much appreciated for the hard work you guys put into this iteration of ARMA! Keep it up =)