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Handling Ladders in ArmA is not fluid.
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1.) When approaching Ladders we still have to use the action command to climb them. Why not like in any other game?

2.) When going for a ladder with a lowered gun it still takes time to climb it because of the shouldering.

3.) When in a hurry, you always have to stop to climb a ladder - there are always the 5 seconds until you actually climb (5 secs can differ between life and death).


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Go for a ladder in different approaches at different speeds.

Best viewed, if you want to get up somewhere quickly.

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to 1.) Look at ladder and walk towards it. Walk forward = Climb up, walk backward, climb down, vault = drop from Ladder

to 2.) lowered gun should not be shouldered - gunstraps are there to let the weapon hang there and have your hands free.

to 3.)
walk to a ladder -> soldier should shoulder his weapon, because he isnt in a hurry.
run to a ladder -> soldier should let the gun hang by its strap and quickly grab the railing to climb fast.

Btw.: pistol storage should be faster aswell. The default is pretty slow.

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