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5.1 sound issues
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With 5.1 systems or headphones the game sounds too bassy in the left earphone, and tinny when echos are played sounding like your in a shower. All EQ is off on sound card.


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Tritton AX Pro + 5.1 Headset system

Soundblaster Recon Pro 5.1 DDL soundcard

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Currently with 5.1 systems and headphones the left channel/speaker is muffled compared to the right. I suspect it maybe that the LFE/Bass frequencies are unbalanced towards the left making the right feel sharper.

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Maybe there's something wrong with your system? I got myself brand new Soundblaster Zx, receiver and speakers just 4 dayz ago - everything sounds great, no muffled channels or anything.

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I confirm strange behavior with 5.1 headset ( logitech g35 ).
It is possible to switch from 5.1 to normal stereo with a hardware switch on the headset.
F.a.e today when i walked i didn't hear my footsteps. I decided to switch stereo and 5.1 back since it seems to fix this issue, but still no footsteps anymore.

So i decided to switch stereo and 5.1 back WHILE WALKING, and it fixed the issue.

The main issue with 5.1 mode is, the sound location seems to be too much directive, and you have to directly face your hear ( left or right ) with the sound source, and if you roll from 10 or 20 degres you don't hear anymore.

Swithcing stereo and 5.1 back seems to work fine.

Hope can help with my bad english. Best regards and congratulation to BIS team by the way.

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"and you have to directly face your hear ( left or right ) with the sound source, and if you roll from 10 or 20 degres you don't hear anymore"

I have a number of different surround modes on my receiver and I got the same problems on several of 'em. For example, if I choose Dolby Digital, sound works fine - sound of heli flying by behind my back is smoothly transitioned from rear left to rear right. But if I choose another surround mode, let's say Dolby Digital Ex, I have this spot, when sound is supposed to be exactly in between rear speakers I think, so in this spot there is no sound of heli - turn 10-15 degrees to the right and sound appears again in rear right. Note that this problem occurs only in rear speakers and only when using certain receiver settings, so I don't think that it's a problem of game engine, more like problem of sound system.

The game does support 5.1 sound but clearly some are having issues with it. Changing category.

I have just tested what ppl were saying, I agree about the footsteps for sure but i also get way more bass in my left headphone than my right at the same time too. Its strong enough over time to give me ear ache, meaning I HAVE to resort to using stereo mode.

Is this still an issue? I won the triton AX pro, and may have some issues with it.