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Poor sounds - Threes and branches
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When moving close to a tree or touching it, there is no sound. There should atleast be sound of branches and leaves moved away, or if you run trough a bush, a sound of crunched branches, there is none which creates poor game experience

You did excellent work with ruined houses, when you walk there, there are some great sounds of walking on derbis, I hope it is possible for you to do the same to the flora



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Run or walk towards or near or in very close proximity to tree or bush.

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VERY! Important for pvp and stealth! Resolve it please

Upvoted for this after recognising that this way players would expose themselves on open field or/and put themselves into risk of detection by moving throught bushes.
It's also another indicator of possible threat and little touch that adds alot to the game experience.
Bending the bushes branches would be propably too much for this engine but at least couple of leafs dropping off to the ground would look nice.

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