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Equipement issues - NVG
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NVGoggles loaded in characters equipement do not have any picture. There is just text. The Goggles can be loaded on their usual place and are loaded to binocular place instead, which makes it impossible to use binoculars.


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Load NVG goggles via init box into unit in editor, run game on multiplayer.

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What init command are you using for it ?
I have no problems with it

this addItem "NVGoggles"

this adds NV Goggles to equipement. As farest as I understood addGoggles applies only to the glasses and diving equipement and addHeadGear applies only to headgear, I've tried both commands for NV goggles.

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Are you on DEV build or default?

Game version - ArmA3 Alpha, not DEV

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I also have this problem when playing in multiplayer. Single player seems to work fine for me.

player LinkItem "NVGoggles" works fine.

This issue is now associated with Zeus and the addweaponcargo command.