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Stimpacks (Medic) / advanced responsibility for each charactertype
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Use of Amphetamine/Morphine/Epinephrine stim by medics.

using aspect

  • stop pain/fatigue effects over time until stim concentration is lowers down
  • stops black out/shock and bring back
  • used as antidot/blocker in right combination to stop effect / false usage risk negatives

all negative aspects based on chosen difficulty level

sideeffects false usage

  • random rarely if concentration of stim is high / stresslevel is high
  • can result in a blackout/shock
  • optical effects
    • moving shapes, stains, blur, fade out, twinkle, sharpen and stronger colors
  • audible effects
    • enginesounds, choppers, planes, footsteps, shooting, voices, buzzing sound
  • motion
    • tremble uncontrollably
  • touch
    • pain without cause

It's a bit tricky and like a puzzle that a medic don't overdo his job to bring a soldier back, so that nobody need to carry him. In some cases he could kill his own teammates with a false injection. Otherwise an uncontrolled soldier can stress the hole team and bring all into problematic situations.

Additional - delirium

  • combat fever based on stresslevel
  • fever (wet and cold, moskitos)
  • heatstroke
  • toxication (animals, poisoned darts)


  • reduce aiming/movespeed
  • can affect the stand
  • higher the stresslevel
  • can happen
    • when falling bad
    • hit by bullet or other hard things


  • effective over long combattime (~ 1-2h)
  • rise
    • while under hard fire (nearby collisionroom of soldier like an aura)
    • when often wounded
    • pain over time
    • high fatigue over time
  • cure while rest
  • nearby friendly (squadmember) soldiers (outer collisionroom) reduce the rising of stress

Additional medicals

  • bandaging stops bleeding out (more resistance for non critical shoots)

Hard outworked it for a better understanding.

nice to have (advanced medicsystem)

  • more responsibility
  • effect gameplay for each character

usage of everything by all

  • effectuation based on charactertype
  • waste of material
  • chance of false usage {F19346}


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Stims work over time. May be 15/30 minutes and only do to ignore the effects from pain and fatigue. Ignore means not that the cause of is healed out. In my understanding I would call that overpowered. I'm sure that everybody agree, that you can't heal broken legs in that way. But you can stop the pain of distortions and other injuries. Pain effects can higher the stresslevel, lower walking speed and worsen aiming. Over time pain abate on its own. If the stresslevel of a soldier is to high, he can be hit by bad effects. Side effects of stims based on the same elements we carry all day with us. Is the biosystem not balanced and overused men can hit by that. A high stresslevel or using a stim can make irritating perceptions. For example that can happen everytime if men are involved in a car-/planecrash or out for combat in the deep dark jungle but also if they are stressed in their normal job. Changed behavior result from that simple effects in the personal vision and came from the players them self. There is nothing to do.

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