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Uniforms / Clothes: Seperate pants and jackets inventory boxes.
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Have and extra inventory box for pants.

This way you could mix up camo for example green jacked with white pants for winter warfare where the trees are still green.

It would also make civilian outfits more diverse.


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This isn't very important when there are other huge issues with the game.

You could probably have had that attitude since OFP and nothing new would have been added because of "issues" with the engine...

All the textures etc have already been done. Just needs a split up etc. Not saying its no work, but its not impossible ether.

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I requesting a separate boots and shoes as in DayZ, reason:
We want to make models of boots for:

  • Alpinism
  • Snowboard/ski
  • sneakers (sport)
  • armored shoes for 3dparty mods likes Medieval, Wild West & etc...

So please make a shoes and pants as separate part of gear, its important feature

Certainly it's not the most burning issue, but a nice to have for sure:

  • it would introduce more variety to the models
  • it would allow for quicker and easier addons production
  • it would declutter the unit selection menu
  • it would allow to get rid of all automatic riflemen refusing to wear proper combat camo jacket etc.

It would rock with planned functionality to set up unit's configuration from the editor. I like the modular approach in Arma3 very much and would like to see it pushed as far as possible.

Right now I have UKSF addon installed to Arma2. It consists of men - woodland, men - desert and men - mixed (green jacket and yellow pants). One model, but three sets of textures and three separate entries in unit selection menu. And it's an easy example, the horror starts with various special operators, blackops, mercenaries, rebels, long and short sleeve, camo pants or not and so on. In order to find the guy I need, I have to either make notes or go through trial and error.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.