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can't loot loaded/attachet pistolmag from death body / swapping weapons - handgun stuck
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If I try to loot from a death body, I can't take the first pistolclip (via rightclick). Seem so that the clip is loaded and fixed to the handgun. Taking the handgun takes this clip (full/half ammo) too. The own handgun disappears mysteriously with clip (didn't drop) and I get the 2nd clip if existing from enemy uniform/vest. With drag and drop also thirst first mag from enemy can be taken.

If I only have a handgun, taken Handgun is ready to fire (but only if afterwards take the rifle, without these the handgun stuck) but ammohud isn't to see, after pressing f ammohud becomes visible (also fix stuck). Same when I have only a rifle and take enemy rifle but seems to be every time ready to fire.

Rightclick on loaded mag, hud becomes invisible if no extra mag is in inventory.

If I switch loaded handgun first to enemy inventory, handgun is there, loaded clip is invisible. If I take the Handgun back, old mag is loaded in, no ammohud, stuck.

Soldier which only have a selected handgun don't drop the handgun when die.

When taking a unloaded rifle, it is instantly ready to fire if at least one mag is in inventory. Handguns also reload instantly but stuck same as before.


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Swapped respectively grabbed Weapons could be the selected weapon.

Unloaded weapons should not automatically/instantly reloaded when grabbing. Also should drop the selected weapon as they are. (model with mag or without mag) like the attachments.

Edit: precise the description, correcting a point

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

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Alpha Dev. 0.57.105093

Loaded handgunmag in every gear is invisible.

Handgun stuck after taking/grab it from any gear

  • then rightclick aim is not available
  • stuck until take if possible the rifle from gear or press "f"
  • no differ if unarmed or armed with handgun before

Own handgun only destroyed when taking handgun from enemy gear and enemy handgun not on ground like the rifle.

Can shoot while switch weapon motion, if i drop gun or rifle into enemy gear and close inventory before motion has ended.

Ammo ui go invisible when enter inventory, becomes visible when reload a weapon in inventory, but go invisible again.
When leave the inventory UI stay invisible until press "f" or switch the weapon.