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Other players in my game cannot see the NEW fog
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Using an in-game debug console I entered the script for the new fog and it worked perfectly on my screen but no one else can see the fog. Nothing changed on their screens.

What should I be doing to get it working correctly? i.e. where do I put the setFog script then?


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From the BIS wiki: Each client and the server can have differing fog values. (See:

This is not a bug. You probably shouldn't report an issue to ask a question about scripting, especially considering that the answer is already on the wiki.

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You must not have understood me. You linked me to the script for the OLD FOG. It clearly says "Introduced in Operation Flashpoint". Im looking for how to work the NEW FOG, with the falloff and density and base height. You know, the good looking fog that was introduced in ArmA 3 just yesterday. You probably shouldnt try to reply to an issue with incorrect information. Not to mention this is not a Bug-Reporter, it is a FEEDBACK TRACKER. And Im leaving feedback on my issues with the new fog. Thanks anyway.

I'm questioning the relevance of this issue, not asking for clarification. The purported issue is that the new signature of setFog is a local function (as your test seems to indicate). Given that the old signature of setFog is local, this would hardly be surprising or counter intuitive. So I don't see how "both signatures of setFog are local functions" is an issue.

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Hmm idk, maybe because I'd actually like the fog to show up properly for everyone in the game? Either enlighten me on how to get the result I want (which is what I originally asked for) or tell me it's impossible in which case this is a perfectly logical thread because then the Devs need to make the fog sync for everyone.

Cypher, don't worry, its not impossible. A local function is a function which executes LOCALLY, meaning, local to the client which called the function. When you executed the function in the debug window, it executed locally for you. This is why you saw the effects, and no one else on your server did.

In order to have the fog appear uniformly for all players, each client needs to execute the function. This might be a good place to start:

Since setFog is a local function, the fog appearing only for you IS the correct behavior. Once again, I do not think this is the proper venue to ask this question (though I realize you thought at first the function was misbehaving). You would get more help, and quicker, if you ask this question on one of the many editing communities for this game. Good luck

This is not a bug, and this is not a forum.

Fog values are different on each machine, and the setFog command must be executed on all machines that needs that specific amount of fog. Regardless of whether it's the new or old fog, it's the same command.