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Proposal to amend the inventory
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Soldier in life does not have problems with moving the three main types of weapons.

  1. The rifle in hand + two rifle on shoulder
  2. The rifle in hand + two grenade launchers on his shoulder
  3. a rifle + grenade launcher and a rifle on his shoulder
  4. The rifle in his hands, a backpack and a rifle or a grenade launcher on his shoulder

At this point in the inventory, there are two slots for main weapon, one slot for a backpack and one slot for the gun. For some reason I am unable to place an additional rifle in his left shoulder or back.
In order to become a more realistic inventory I propose to add the ability to place an additional rifle in the second slot (left shoulder). I also propose to add the ability to move the rifle or a grenade launcher in a backpack slot (on the back). quick access to weapons on the back must be absent, access to the weapons should be only through the inventory to manually move it to the quick slot.
This system is more logical and realistic. She takes off her strange restrictions in the inventory.


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Basically, same proposal as here:
But I really disagree with having more than 2 "main" (non-pistol) weapons (as you suggest), because having 2 weapons on the same shoulder is asking for awkward situation when they entangle between each other. Remeber, you should also be able to shoot from pistol (and that means hanging all 3 rifles on your back). And a separate slot for pistol is perfectly backed up (holster).

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Well, how do you explain the ability to carry a rifle, a backpack and a grenade launcher at the same time? I'm just asking to add the ability to take the grenade launcher instead of a backpack and take a rifle instead of a grenade launcher. The point here is not about convenience but about incomprehensible limitation which does not allow me to take a rifle instead of a grenade launcher, or take the rifle / grenade launcher instead of a backpack.

I disagree with your original Premise why would you need 2 rifles on your back and one in hands?

we don't do this in the field. Neither do Special Forces. Carrying Multiple weapons means multiple ammunition, unless of course they use the same ammunition but then why would you need multiple Weapon systems that do the same thing?

For the weight of the second rifle systems you could just take more ammunition for your own rifle or take a different weapon system.

This isn't an issue of whether you can, this is an issue of simulation, In the real world you will see a Soldier with Possibly two Weapon systems and a Pistol. A Rifle and AT system, A Rifle with extra ammuntion for another Weapon system (Like a SAW belt or Ammunition for a GPMG) or Squad Automatic Weapon or a Grenadier with UGL and extra Rounds. Occasionally Marksmen will carry a 7.62mm Rifle as well as 5.56mm one, but then they don't carry an AT launcher as well!!

Real soldiers carry items like Water, First Aid kits and extras like signal flares, maps, orders, radios etc. So they always have a Patrol pack or backpack on.

I do agree with the Grenade launcher, as a Secondary but it might yet come to pass. The real issue is can you carry the ammunition. The M4/M203 is quite capable Weapon system with extra Grenades over carrying a Pistol. etc etc.

You just don't see modern soldiers tooled up like Arnie in the film "Commando". Because it slows you down, and if you cannot run quickly in all your gear, you are an easy target.

Well, how do you explain the ability to carry a rifle, a backpack and a grenade launcher at the same time?

Simple - try to strap a backpack and two big drawing tubes ( on your back - that's a simple task. You can easily walk with this - because the backpack stabilizes the tubes; also, one of them will be in your hands most of the time.
And then, as a contra-example, try to put 3 drawing tubes and walk with them, then pull out a random one into hands. That becomes an awkward and clumsy task.

Carrying 3 rifles is totally and utterly not needed. That's a common sense limitation, not some artificial one.

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