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Does not ask to save after making progress, then trying to exit the editor.
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When you're editing a mission then save it; it's saved no matter what. But, if you're editing for a long time an hour, 2 hours or more you can kind of forget to save, and you expect it to ask you to save when you go to leave the editor, but it doesn't. This is what caused me to lose 2 hours worth of editing, and I know it can be said "well read what you're clicking better", which you're right, but then I'd say this... When you go to exit something usually that's unsaved it asks you if you want to save first, and you usually click yes... Right? Well you'd expect it to do the same thing in the editor when you go to leave, but it comes up with "Would you like to exit" and you click "Yes" assuming that like usual for most programs it says "Would you like to SAVE before you exit?" and then you lose all your work.

So please Bohemia make it so that you either have to save/exit, or not save. Please... I just lost 2 hours of work, and I'm sure other people have lost work from it too.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into editor
  2. Save a small mission spawn some troops etc. just small stuff.
  3. Edit that mission some more maybe spawn a vehicle or two, just edit it somehow.
  4. Then go to exit the editor -DO NOT SAVE BEFORE TRYING TO EXIT-
  5. It will not save your progress, because it only exits. Not save and exits like other programs.

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