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The new walking running aminations, sorta wit allt he other FPS game animations. It feels arcade. Not like a sim, in which Arma series has always been about. Is there a way to improve the past running and walking from arma 2 to make it... New, but not TOO arcade like? At the same time as keeping all the new FA Stances, and all that. (Also a Combat roll or cover would be nice for running and then using the vault button) Animations feel too Stiff and Arcade.


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you complain about arcadish, but then you want a "cover" buttom? seriously?

i though dsilecxy also spoke about how he, who was a real trained marine felt the guns in ArmA 3 the exact same as when he is with a real gun, just because the gun feels more rigid and solid doesn't mean its more arcadish, go get some training and handle a real gun before you complain about those things

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