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MP Missions crashing/not loading on dedi server9bianaries) released to select few
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Have been attempting to test the bianaries relesed to my server host( As of yet have not been able to any missions to run. Some will load an make it to the roles screen than the server resets to mp missions screen an dont load. Some missions just get stuck on wait for host an I than have to control alt del to close out mission an restart ArmA. not 100% sure but think some is partly due to pbo file incopatabilty. Have tried both stock ArmA3 coop missions and usermade coop missions, I even myself created a small test mission an uploaded to the server with the sme result happening. {F19104} {F19105} {F19106} {F19107} {F19108}


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OK, Jestervers just also uploaded the new dev bianaries late last nite or earlier today on my server. Same thing results Gits Evo(usermade) kicks out back to mpmissions on server, stock arma3 says stuck on waiting for host basically same as b4

OK missions with new dev build/bianaries working perfectly, might been our end(not sure Jest handles all that) note screen shott #monitor server @50 fps woohoo BIS