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[Feature Request] Group/Ungroup and detonate explosives separately.
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The request is simple:
Have it so that there's a simple menu (like the communications one) where a person can group up explosives and detonate them according to their group.

E.g. Group up all charges (or just a single one) that were put down and detonate them.


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Right now, the current mode of detonating or "touching off" explosives is clunky, doesn't feel right, and forces you to detonate everything at once.

This is troublesome when one sets up claymores and charges to do obviously very different roles.
(Claymores, for one, are far better than mines simply because you control the detonation. This is especially true when holding up indoors. See: Building next to the Aircraft Control Tower in the airfield.)

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Many thanks for the reply.
I feel it would be a good change even without some of the outlines I proposed and, in a tactical way, very helpful.