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Water comes into vehicles in 3rd person but not 1st. (video included)
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This works for any vehicle submerged deep enough in water (Save for the small assault and rescue boats, they simply get the particles).


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Spawn any vehicle and drive into water, observe how the vehicle appears sealed inside but when viewed from third person is actually flooded. The same thing occurs on minigun boats from the view of the rear gunner, in first person you are dry whereas in third you can come up to your waist in high waves.

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Why is the video you have sent goes to one of angry joe's reviews?

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Woops, copied the URL to watch it while I waited for the video to upload and forgot to copy the uploaded video url. Fixed now.

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This is one of the things that makes me wonder how their game works, because it seems to be pretty identical across the board between 1st and 3rd person. Then I stumbled across this like you and thought, wha? How's that possible?

The game always renders the player vehicle (your character or whatever vehicle you're sitting in) in the foreground, regardless of what the spatial coordinates are. I believe the intention was to prevent visible clipping.

That actually makes a lot of sense, there are several instances I noticed something 'odd' like that such as when I was standing over a rabbit, the critter was under my foot as though I seemed to be floating despite third person showing I was standing upon it.

That method was great for the previous games but since water is now a viable place to go (actually able to explore below it and not dropping out gear plus water capable weapons)..not so much..

Just wanted to say that it appears as though water DOES NOT come into the cab for the Strider, I'm assuming however this is due to it having water fording ability's since the HEMTT exhibits the same water in cab issue.