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Night Vision Mark One Eyeball.
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In the field not all Soldiers get expensive NVG's. I remember from my own experiences with LUCE Night sights they were expensive and every other or third man had them. Whole units having them was rare.

Therefore alot of training was given to the "MARK ONE EYEBALL" and how you would improve your Natural night vision (Not just by eating carrots!).

Night Vision improves not only with time as your eyes adjust but also with knowledge of how your eyes actually see (Rods and Cones and their location and relative density in the Eye).

Equally protecting your Night Vision with Red light and tactical use of light.

So I would like to see a system, where for every minute or two you are in the Dark, your visual range, or maybe the contrast improves by say a level. So after 10mins you have had 5 incremental improvements to your night vision. Maxing out at say 10mins, any firing of weapons, artillery explosions, or any bright light will instantly reduce your Natural night vision by say 2 increments. A flashbang by maybe 5 increments.

Equally shifting from NVG's to natural vision shopuld incur a massive penalty as your eyes have to adjust massively from the Photon's in the NVG, to the lack of them with Ambient light.

This is to try and simulate the whole Tactical Night Vision, rather than the lets all wear NVG's. {F19086}


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What feature are you requesting?

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An Pirate-Eyepatch, yeah!

No, seriously: I believe, the reporter wants a slower night-view-enhancement over time (w/o NVG), and a much better viewing w/o NVG when not being blinded in the adjustment-time (10mins).

Right now, its about 1min until you reach your max-nonNVG-view-setting...

Yeah apologies I haven't articulated this very well. A feature that more closely mimics how the human eye adjusts to "Seeing in the Dark".

Simply taking your Night Vision Googles off, shouldn't result in clear night-time vision.

It takes time for your Iris to adjust, and your Rods and Cones to build up a sensitivity to see clearly at night. We called this in the Military "Night Vision" not to be confused with NVG's, we were taught to look in figures of Eight using our peripheral vision, or slightly off centre because it is more light sensitive. It used to take approx 10 minutes to adjust, and any light source, flash etc would spoil your night vision and gives away your position.

I believe you could replicate this, by having alonger adjust time and then having explosions or flashes resetting this. Night fighting is a real skill and discipline, dependency on NVG's can make life difficult if you run out of AA Batteries. So this is and remains a core discipline of the Infantryman, same with tritium Sights, Compass and Watch, you never know when your NVG's will be unservicable or break.

Yes i also like it and i believe it could be done.
Question is, how long does it usually take to get a "full" eye adjustment in dark, lets say when no other lights are visible?

Also it has to be done to AI too, but since they seem to consume even less CPU the more there are of em, it shouldnt be a big performance hog.

I think it was between like 15mins and 30mins to get your true night vision. The other thing was that the edge of your eye, the Peripheral Vision was more sensitive to light than colour.

So we were taught to search by using your eyes in a figure of eight pattern, so using more of your peripheral vision than your Central vision. I know BIS won't be able to implement this - It was more for info.

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Devs, remember what gamma fix should be too

well this is something i totally support. this too could resolve the gamma cheat, i mean, essentially this is what gamma does for those without NVG, addmitedly even i have done the same in DayZ. but this is an actual thing indeed!

Takes around 20 to 30min for eyes to adjust, depending on the levels of light, the more light there is, the quicker your eyes level with it, so if there is 10% of light (think full moon), your eyes dont have to adjust 100%, so the adjust time will be faster than a a black moon night.

But onto the point, this is a very valid request that can be implimented, since there already is an adjustment switching from NVG to naked eye. Only thing is, they need to extend it. so it would adjust as normal when removing NVG as it is now, but after that it would slowly and gradually pickup and become brighter over time. this will make night ops somewhat more enjoyable.

also NVG's in the game has unlimited battery, which it actually shouldn't. NVG's are more commonly used for quick close quarter ops if I am not mistaken, but this naked eye night vision is for when you in the field for hours.

Yeah I would support time limited Battery NVG's, but it would have to be a hell of a time on it (like the same as the Fuel on a Helicopter).

Also properly implemented NVG's would have multiple modes, my LUCIE NVG's I used to use, had several modes including Night Vision and IR. Equally it was difficult to adjust to depth as some Goggles use a single input lens.

Whereas one's used by flight crew used to be better as they had twin seperate tubes for proper stereo-scopic vision and depth perception.

Like these:-

Grunts get these - and work around the depth perception issues / adjust to it.

Aircrew get Stereo-scopic ones, because they are precious and expensive. :)

In the future who knows, but there should be some kind of simulation of the Tunnel vision/ depth perception issues that occur.