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Autohover mode
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I don't know how it supposed to be, but I think personally that the Autohover mode in Little bird or KA 60 is slightly messed up.

  1. First of all, Heli isn't static any longer, it leans front back when it's on.
  1. I guess, in autohover, pilot still have to be able to lean helis right left front back, but with angle limit, for example heli will not lean more than 45 degrees in each side when autohover is enabled, as well, it will automatically return to static position whenever you leave joystick or button control.


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imo, autohover should be removed.... at least for helis like the littlebird which afaik it doesn't have such a feature in real life

Autohover is game feature that doesn't simulate anything in real life. It is just game feature that modifies game controls to assist player stabilize the chopper.

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