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2nd Aiming Animation
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I've noticed when a players weapon is only aimed on his hip it still looks like his aiming down the barrel of the weapon, all I propose is maybe add a 2nd animation on the weapon being put up to eye level, to indicate the player is aiming at something, or just walking normaly and not aware of any threat.


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Look at a player ask him to look through his Iron sights, and then go back to hip aim.

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It's possible this is just a misconception because there is no aiming from the hip in this game as far as I'm aware. Your weapon is generally shouldered unless you lower it, run, etc. Unlike other games you have an actual full body in this, so you can observe this by looking down at how you're holding the weapon. The difference between sighted and non-sighted can be measured in centimetres.

Please correct me if I'm under the wrong impression about what you're asking though.