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The recoil is a bit over the top in this game, so is the weapon sway. But specifically MG/SAW recoil, it's so ridiculous might as well not even use a MG or SAW. Please reduce the felt recoil on the weapons, I could live with the unrealistic recoil on the rifles. But the MG's and SAW's are completely ridiculous, and it makes them unuseable.

Anyone who's actually fired weapons in real life would agree with me, this is ridiculous. You can tell it was made by people who don't handle weapons regularly.The muzzle rise on the saw/mg's is awaay too much right now.

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Have you shot with a 6.5 cal weapon before?
Have you ever gone prone with a LMG or MXM before?

The problem is that Arma 3 have chosen 6.5 instead of the popular 5.56x45mm rounds. If you could compare SDAR and MX you would see a big difference. Also the recoil of the 6.5 is high and you have to live with it unless you are prone, crouched or on other positions.
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Why downvote it?Its bad design decision on BIS part to have LMG's with high recoil while prone.I am more effective at laying down fire with the MXM than the MXSW.Putting a marksman rifle on auto fire and laying waste better than a LMG is wrong and makes the LMG useless.

The MXM should have the recoil that the MXSW has while prone to avoid this marksman LMG effect.The LMG should have reduced accuracy added and then reduced recoil.

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and why do you think a 8.5 MM bullet should have as much recoil as a 5.56? the 8.5 has more recoil, dont make yourself the idea an MX-x- is the same as an M16 or an M4

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