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[Feature request – awesomeness warning] Proper collision lights for aircrafts
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Now that we have collision lights on aircrafts in the game, they could be tweaked to behave properly, like in IRL. The proper collision lights look awesome and they also serve for their purpose pretty well – the strobing lights are noticed well by the pilots, just like they should. This small detail could make a big difference in the overall immersion, and I think that it would be very easy to implement actually, because the lights themselves have been implemented already. Maybe it could be implemented with eg. a loop that plays the strobes (frame-long) with determined intervals and sync between different lights.


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A mod in A2 did this extremely well. Think about how extremely awesome it would look in A3 with the new lighting!

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They already work like they do IRL...

Mulle, have you watched the Video above? I have not seen this quick flashing behavior ingame yet...

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I watched a video of NH-90 recently and it indeed did have same kind of lights than choppers have in game, so MulleDK19 might be right. But isn't the majority of choppers using the strobing lights though? The strobing lights look also so much cooler and can be spotted better, I think... ^^

@Christian_K: That's because the video does not have realistic collision lights.

I find they are really dim, I don't even notice them at all, but in real life you can see them in the middle of the day.

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