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Helo controls in latest update are way too sensitive.
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Simply put, the helo reacts way too fast now. The balance before was ideal. Helicopters shouldn't accelerate faster sideways than forwards (because of the aerodynamics regarding flight direction), and the 0-160 in <5sec is just a little ridiculous. I don't think I'm the best arma pilot, but I've been flying in these games long enough to notice that the flight model got pumped up too much, especially on the OPFOR helo.


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Go to flare on landing, and the helo will accelerate very quickly in reverse.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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According to the wiki max speed for the little bird is 282km/h. From an altitude of 10,000 feet I was able to reach 434km/h without any indicators of imminent structural failure or even buffeting... then I did a hammerhead and 180 degree turn at sea level. All without loosing any blades or the entire main rotor or blacking out. =D

The controls were a little touchy but I was satisfied after adjusting the dead zones and sensitivity.

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You're right about a problem with helicopter flight, but I'm not sure its the controls, more the flight model itself. Control sensitivity can be reduced, at least with a joystick or mouse.

Helicopters in ArmA 3 are suffering from
a lack of inertia
excessive thrust and acceleration
a lack of auto-stabilisation, an almost universal feature of modern helicopters, in particular military types, which damps short term flight error automatically.

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The helicopter modelling has been adjusted since this report and also Advanced Flight Model has been added.