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Create vehicles, soldiers with correct height, consistency.
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Basically, this is an issue about pretty much the entire series. The models of vehicles, humans, etc. are badly made according to IRL dimensions. This makes it impossible to get accurate distances calculated using mils. E.g. a BMP-2 is 2.45m high IRL, but using that measurement in A2 will be resulting in a distance calculation that is ~100m off at around 500m.


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We appreciate your attitude, please add more info od particular vehicles etc. with screenshots and proper comment/additional info or send us example mission with added hints and documentation.

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Honestly, it might be pretty hard to get that, since it'll be about dozens of vehicles minumum, but I'll give it a try, including pictures of how large they are in mils and thus how far away they should be, and how far away they actually are.

And seriously, who would vote this down? This is a sim, not CoD. Being able to do things that are very essential IRL is what this game is about. Having vehicle sizes dodgy is up there with not having automatic weapons.

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