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Make MTP camouflage more multi-terrain, now it's a desert camo
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The current version of MTP camouflage stands out too much, especially when the soldier wearing it is in the sunshine. The effect exists at close range, but is even more visible when looking from 100-200m and more afar, when the whole uniform "defaults" to a single colour, which is too bright and too yellow. It stands out against yellow sand or grass and is absolutely horrible in the forests.

It's not only a cosmetic issue, but a balancing as well: OPFOR camouflage works better, compared to MTP. I own some MTP gear and it's more green, than yellow and while not being as good as a dedicated camouflage, it's pretty good in most conditions. {F18973}


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Just place soldiers against different backgrounds, under different lighting conditions and look at them from various distances, with and without optics.

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The screenshot provided by me, shows a corrected uniform on the left. I took topas' uniform template and changed the MTP pattern found there in a following manner:

  • RGB colour balance: both shadows and halftones +5% green and +2% blue
  • overall brightness: -24%

Colour balance helps with blending in green environments, with a small camouflage decrease against yellow backgrounds, while brightness reduction makes the uniform reflecting less light and being harder to spot as a result. While not perfect for every place, it's now green enough for a forest and light enough for a yellow grass.

I can provide the uniform.pbo itself and additional screenshots if needed.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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The US Army will be using the "Scorpion W2" pattern by 2018. This is a bit darker than the current Operation Enduring Freedom pattern. It is not MTP. There are differences between Scorpion W2 and all the previously fielded patterns in both the British and US armies.