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Dynamic Patrol & Bridges = AI Strange Behavior
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In Girna, the bridge on the southwest. Created dynamic patrol module with markers going across the bridge. The AI first wouldn't go across the bridge and the Squad Leader just spun in circles. Moved the markers a bit, AI crosses the bridge but on the way back to the first marker, it seemed that the AI still crossing the bridge and the squad leader going back had path collision about 5 meters apart. They both went to a knee and pointed there gun forward, back and forth. {F18960} {F18961}


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Create module with a group synced to it. Place markers starting before, just before bridge, just after bridge and after bridge. Name the markers...etc. Preview.

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Well, I have no idea, where the problem is, could you attach mission file, please?

Sorry, I said Girna but meant Agia Marina. The bridge next to the bay. I will attach a mission ASAP.

It appears my markers may be too close; nonetheless, on the bridge just east, I replicated the same jerky motions of 2 of the group when the group was returning to "mkr1". On the way to "mkr1" through "mkr4", it was fine. I'm only two weeks into trying out the Editor and learning so maybe this is expected behavior.