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Knee/leg poking through character model on hills
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I was walking around on the hill near Camp Rogain after the latest update ( as of 4/16/13 ) and I noticed while crouching that the character model's leg will poke through the model's chest and back when looking down pointed in the direction of the top of the hill. {F18946}


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Shouldn't be too hard if you find a high slope hill. Just look straight down in 3rd person and turn the character around until you see his knee poke through.

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I don't understand why would one push his face into the dirt on the hill, but I still upvoted.

Well, I was just trying to look around and see how the model works in all poses. Its just something I noticed. I don't really care if it doesn't get fixed, but I figured I'd make note of it.

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Not something you would do every day, but vote up and cheers for you for discovering it.

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