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Helicopter and airplane damage and instrumental, make it realistic.
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Helicopters. This is not a thread to ask for realistic flight dynamics, because it is understandable ARMA 3 not to have them.

So basically we can see:


  • No avionics with the exception of the artificial horizon and compass. Also, the radar is located in the HUD, not in the helicopter systems.

-No impact from damage of the different parts of the helicopters and. INST red or MROT/ATRQ red doesn't mean anything. Even the artificial horizon(The only working system now) remains intact after INST is red.


-Realistic weapons shooting and sensors, like TAD Navigation page instead the GPS for the shake of immersion/realism/control/accessibility.

-Difficulty and consequences after receiving damage to the different parts of the helicopter/plane. For example, after the ATRQ goes red, the heli should start rotating without control

-Include all information(Speed, Altitude, Radar, ammo and weapon selected...) in the helicopter/plane sensors and instrumental. Leave it in the HUD for easier difficulties if you want.


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Fly a Heli, and damage it.

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The majority of avionics function between the blue and opfor helo's save for digital displays. Air speed, vertical speed (your screenshot shows this), altimeters, heading and so on.

The helicopter will begin to spin with the tail rotor is damaged later in, it was like this in arma 1 and 2 afterall.

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Yeah, they are probably going to fix it, but I don't know...

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Had a tail rotor failure last night, as of now the helicopter spins without control but you can save yourself with and land safetly (almost) with the "autorotation". Would be great to implement real damage, such as fuel leaks and hydraulics failure, real instrument failure and power failure. But still we have to remember this is alot to ask to the devs! Upvoted and hoping for something, not asking for anything big though!