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After being killed and reverting, I can't move
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Playing single player scenario Whole Lotta Stratis version .74. I started a new game after installing version .54 of the Alpha build. When I get killed and revert to a saved game sometimes I can't move in any direction. Also I can't get up, or go prone, depending on what stance I was in when I saved the mission. I can shoot my rifle though, but I can't move.

Sometimes restarting the game will fix the problem, but usually not. So far though, shutting down the computer entirely and restarting fixes the problem. Don't want to do this every time I revert however.


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Play a single player scenario. Save the game. Get killed. Revert and see if you can move around.

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We are very sorry, we do not guarantee that user generated content such as mods, scripts, maps etc. will work all time during developement of the game. It is up to users themself to make sure their work is 100% compatible with current version of the game.

We thank you for reporting this issue, but try contacting author of this content to fix it.