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Add system name tags for MP missions in the mission editor and filter by type of mission in the server list.
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Add the ability to select by using preset TAGS (COOP-DM-TDM-CTF-etc.) type of MP mission as also the number of players at saving the mission from the mission editor to standardize the names of MP missions and promoting his work to server administrators.

Mission type (select tag) - max players (Automatic) - Name Mission

for example, the name would be:

All publishers use different schemes for names, it may best be determined BIS and standardize a schema directly from the mission editor ...

This would also allow filtering on the server list the type of mission!



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Related to #4840.

I do agree that mission makers should use a standard format for mission naming, however what should be the standard?

For example we use:

This way it's easier for server admins to see:

  • who made the mission?
  • does it has Headless Client support? (currently in A2)
  • does it require mods? (however, still unknown which one(s))
  • max amount of players
  • gamemode
  • mission name
  • island

However; still an upvote, so at least the devs (and hopefully with the community) can find a nice solution for this!

@Drekk: the issue you're refering too is not related to this feature, since this is for mission makers, not for the server browser.

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  • from Summary: "[...] and filter by type of mission in the server list"
  • from Description: "This would also allow filtering on the server list the type of mission!"
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the claim is basically that BIS defines a final format for the names of MP missions, and standardize from the save menu of the mission editor.

EDIT: the mission editor whoever generates the final name of the file