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After resuming a saved game not possible to select equiped rifle
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Sometimes when resuming a saved game it is impossible to select the equiped rifle. (Player starts with pistol selected even though the game was saved with rifle selected) When selecting the rifle it will briefly try to equip it after which the pistol will be equiped again.
The only way to fix this is to drop the rifle and pick it up again after which it is possible to equip the rifle. This does not seem to happen with the player that hosts the game.


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Make sure the rifle is equiped for the second human player(Not the host player) before saving. Save and then resume the game. The second human player has pistol selected and cannot equip his rifle.
Throw rifle on ground and pick up again. Now able to select rifle.

EDIT CSR Kryssar:
100% repro rate in this case:

  1. start multiplayer session with 2 players
  2. on server side - suspend (to save and exit session)
  3. at the same time on client side player changes weapon from primary to side arm
  4. in lobby resume game
  5. client looks like he has primary weapon in hands but in fact he has side arm (seen by HUD, sound of fire etc.)
  6. if he try to switch weapon he takes pistol then imedietly takes back primary weapon that still acts like pistol

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