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Helicpoter Showcase Major Mission Glitch
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This has ONLY occurred after the recent update. Out of 4 tries I have reproduced it twice, seemingly randomly.

After I eliminate the two enemy vehicles, Griffin orders me to go and deploy the troops at the next objective. Instead of mortar fire preventing my landing (as is intended for the mission), it allows me to land, and none of my team will exit the chopper. From here I have to restart the mission.


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Try loading the showcase, successfully completing all objectives to this point, and see if it happens to you.

Additional Information

I suck at flying the helicopter.

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That is correct. When you have "mortar" task, you can´t deploy the troops. Destroy the mortars and mission continue with "deploy," or eliminate vehicles and fly quick to base and deploy troops before you get "mortar" task. It is about time and speed.