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Inconsistant corpses over the internet.
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Sorry if this was already reported. I have reported in the past things already reported cuz I didn't find it. Anyway, When we are playing Coop, corpses disappear to the players connected when I am hosting that I can see. Sometimes when a player dies, they return to their corps to gather some equipment. We are both standing right there at the corpse. I can see it and he can't. He cannot get equipment from a corpse that is not there for him. So I pick up when he needed off the corpse and try to give it to him and have to deal with the problem as noted in 0007092. Really buggy..


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Please let us know if you still experiencing this bug. If so, please add steps to reproduce including info about who was server/client and add your version number.

Thank you.

We just updated to 0.54.103957 today. We will look for the glitch to happen again and I will report if so. When it did happen, I was hosting.

As I mentioned above, I would update if this occurred again after the update. Well, it did last night. I was hosting. My mate was killed. He flew back to meet up with us after spawning back at base. I could see an allied body on the ground next to an Inlaw he was carrying. He could see the inlaw laying there but not the body laying right next to it.

We cannot reproduce that due to too much unknown factors here. Can you send us the mission you are playing?

Thank you.

It takes time for the corpse to disappear to the other player. It doesn't happen right away. It could be as much as 15 min. later when my partner returns to where the team was when one of us got killed. I am wondering if it has anything to to with his PC and or Video performance. Like the game is cleaning corpses more quicker for performance reasons. Not sure. Just a guess. I can post the mission we are playing if you want but we have a community based addon. Its a radar from Arma II but it works In Arma III. It is our target.