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Medium Machine Gun Animations
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Hello BI,

I would like to request that there be another animation made for the use of GPMG Light role machine guns. (Light role HA! anything but light)
As it stands at the moment the light machine gun is operated from the shoulder like a rifle would be, I was wondering if you would consider making another animation for the use of bigger man portable machine guns for example the M240 / FN MAG 58.

From experience as a professional soldier that weapon is heavy so the current animations wouldn't suit the weapon and have a detrimental effect to realism and immersion.

So hear are some pictures I have collected to show what I mean by how anims could be adopted to mimic that of the operator of the General purpose machine gun.

Patrol Stance were the but of the weapon isn't in the shoulderAnd maybe use you're Control Up to put it in your shoulder if you're firing from a high wall etc.Thank you. {F18862}


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Bohemia added a subscriber: riise.Apr 14 2013, 6:38 PM

Completely Agreed. I would like to see gas settings too, for Balancing the Rate of fire.

Anyone who has used a GPMG knows you don't fire from the Shoulder.

I know someone will now post up a Youtube Video of a Soldier doing exactly that, and that will be a Range Day/using up the left ammunition at the end the training Serial. It's not a question of Rambo Strength it's a question of employing your weapon system effectively especially when you've lugged it and the bloody Belts for it miles to get into a good position.

Plus firing from the shoulder you are making yourself a massive target, wasting ammunition and probably not even hitting the target. You shouldn't be using a GPMG for FIBUA so there is no reason you would need it shouldered.

If no new animations are gonna be made then I would at least like to see it so that any movement faster than walking has weapon lowered for LMG's and sniper rifles.Adding to this is more recoil sway when shouldering LMG/Sniper.

scrim added a subscriber: scrim.May 7 2016, 1:37 PM

This just has to be included, and at what better time could it be asked for than when the developers are already making a bunch of animations and such? To be honest, I'd take this over the recent prone "leaning" any day!

Game needs better ways to differentiate weapon classes thru feel.LMG animations would be one way.Another is that any heavy weapon should have the hold breath function disabled.

I do agree the game needs to differentiate more, and a SAW should be fired from the shoulder but is it an LMG?

I always get confused with the term LMG? Is it the Squad Automatic Weapon e.g Automatic Rifleman using an M249 or an FN Minimi? I know it's written as a Light Machine Gun, but to me personally 5.56mm is not a Machine Gun Calibre it simply doesn't have the stopping power to be an effective Machine Gun. Up close against Infantry within 500m it is pretty deadly and excellent at suppression, but versus light vehicles or light cover etc it is no where near as effective.

A SAW or Minimi chambered for 7.62mm, I would consider a Light Machine gun because of the stopping power increase of the bigger, heavier round.

GPMG is obviously Medium Machine Gun, and 12.5mm+ is Heavy. It just LMG seems like an odd throw back to the day of BREN, BAR etc. Anyway I digress...

Squad Automatic Weapons should be fired from the Shoulder.

scrim added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 6:29 PM

A SAW is an LMG, and considering its weight, you don't fire it from the shoulder without resting it on something, just like a medium MG.

Stopping power is irrelevant for a machine gun, that's not what defines it. Being able to employ automatic fire more accurately than assault rifles, and being beltfed/large capacity magazine is what makes it an a machine gun.

I don't think it's accuracy, or the fact it can fire fully automatic that defines a Machine gun however. As many rifles can fire fully automatic, as can some pistols equally Sub-machine guns are they defined by size, rate of fire or the calibre of the rounds they fire?

It's an oddity, because to me a SAW or MINIMI is an Automatic Rifle (The barrel is very short, it is belt fed or Magazine fed). The old SA80 LSW (Light Support Weapon) could be fired automatically but it was never classed as an LMG?

I think Calibre makes a huge difference, 7.62mm to me, from experience is a Machine Gun round, or a heavier Battle round for Battle rifles and Marksman weapon systems.

SAW and Minimi were Fireteam Weapon systems, e.g Squad Automatic Rifleman.

Whereas LMG, or MMG were employed by Specialist weapons teams, from the Weapons Platoon?

But yeah arguably a SAW is an LMG, I've just never heard anyone refer to one as such in the field.

Just Checked the British Army Website they are calling it "the LMG" so that settles it... xD

The LMG or L110A1 IS a LIGHT MACHINE GUN because Its a belt fed weapon that is light enough to be man portable.

Most light machine guns are not used nower days to engage armored vehicles anyway
The .50 or HMG is as it can smash optics on armored fighting vehichels 5.56mm can't.

The light machine guns main use is to engage enemy forces at ranges 600m and below and its designed to maim or wound the enemy instead of out-rite kill them.

SAW is an American term which categorizes any weapon that fires automatic only at a squad level.

The current animations for the LMG are fine in my opinon.

"The Medium Machine Gun" or as we call it General purpose machine gun is a crew served weapon, it takes two men to effectivly use the GPMG althou it can be operated by one man the sheer weight of it in the "Light" role means that to carry all the ammo you need two guys.

So the diffrence between the LMG and the GPMG Light role is that the LMG is a lot lighter and more mobile. And can be used in CQB with better effect then the longer heavyer GPMG, as the pictures show.

Were as the GPMG in the "light Role" just means that its not tripoded up and not being used for sustained fire to cover a company attack etc.

Its being used for mobility warfare so it can be set and displaced in a heart beat. Much like how the germans used to use the mg34 in WW2.

scrim added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 7:32 PM

mwn: If you don't know what you're talking about, at least look it up before you start talking about it.

Scrim when I was in the Army, the Minimi was new, it was replacing LSW in Fireteams one for one. Don't get shirty about it, it even says LMG 5.56 is a derivative of the Minimi so they replacing the Minimi with this.

We even had L7's (GPMG) in Sections, as Gun group and Rifle group before we changed to Charlie and Delta 4 men Fireteams in a section (1990 something -- Giving away my age here).

It was never called a Light Machine Gun when I did the conversion Course, things change I am not too proud to say I was wrong and out-of-date.

Nouty added a subscriber: Nouty.May 7 2016, 1:37 PM
Nouty added a comment.Jun 16 2013, 5:16 AM

Always wanted this feature in Arma. It really downplays the LMG when you can just as easily employ a GPMG. Only variants that are intended to be shoulder fired, like the M240L (not even sure about this, but seems to come with a foregrip), MK48 or M60E should be shouldered.

riise added a comment.Jun 29 2013, 1:02 AM


I think this sould apply to any heavy weapon too - like m107 sniper rifle...
I don't think anyone can shoot accurately form standing position (unrested) with a 14kg rifle.

And this feature requires weapon resting!

Absolutely will always support having a variation in animation to bring the game more life.

Linkin added a subscriber: Linkin.May 7 2016, 1:37 PM

+1 to riise,

This feature would require weapon resting system / deployable bipods / resting on objects or teammates

However you should not rule out having to use a heavy weapon from the shoulder in an emergency situation (flanked, enemy danger close, etc)