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Modders should have possibility to adjust the colour of water and amount of haze and light in different depths
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Modders should definitely have possibility to adjust the colour of water and the amount of haze and light in different depths. It's absolutely necessary to the community in order to create maps with high quality. The Mediterranean Sea environment doesn't fit everywhere. {F18849} {F18850}


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The map makers should be given the freedom to adjust the water properties in detail.

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no. the reason the photo is yellow is because of the way cameras work.

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Was that a joke?

When I dive in the local lake here the water colour is brownish (like bland coffee), just like in the attached pic. The brownish colour is caused by the humus in the water. The seas have much more clear and bluish water because there is almost no humus at all in the water.


also should be possible for the mission's overall contrast, haze, saturation, color etc... just think of the PMC missions in arma 2 which had different post processing than the normal game

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I would not mind an option to control the haze. However, how the haze distance is now goes well with the fire distance of the underwater rifle.

These settings are configurable in island's config...

Ezcoo added a comment.Apr 16 2013, 3:02 PM

"These settings are configurable in island's config..."

OK, then I have read wrong information. Thanks for the info, that's more than nice to know! :)

Edit: For my part, this ticket can be closed.