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Helicopter explosions are unrealistic
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Currently, when a helicopter suffers severe damage, it plays an explosion animation. This animation, however, is not realistic. The current explosion is more akin to what happens when a tank gets hit by a Javalin missile, rather than the giant fireball that results from fuel being suddenly spilled and ignited when an aircraft crashes. While it can be expected that a helicopter which is fully loaded with rockets might suffer a detonation type of explosion, this animation is applied regardless of helicopter armament state.

Helicopter 'explosions' should be modified to accurately represent the conflagration that happens when an actual aircraft crashes. Detonation of stores should be modeled as a secondary explosion on top of the fireball in cases where the helicopter is armed. Finally, the fireball should not occur when there is no fuel on board.


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Steps To Reproduce

blow up a helicopter
Go watch youtube videos of aircraft crashing
note the difference: High speed detonation vs relatively low speed conflagration.

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