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Two decals apearing for AH-9 helicopter explosion burn on ground
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There are two decals apearing for AH-9 helicopter explosion burn on ground, and when I move my mouse around a little, I see it switch between the two decals. I attached 4 screenshots( two examples), Pics 00006 and 00007 are the 1st example, and 00009 and 00010 are the 2nd example.

It happened when i put a explosive charge on the ground near the chopper and touched it off. The chopper engine was shut off.

I just tried to reproduce it and it only happens when the chopper is destroyed with the bomb.

I figured out it's showing a seprate decal for the bomb and the chopper, It only needs one decal to show up, in this case it would be the bombs decal. {F18831} {F18832} {F18833} {F18834} {F18835}


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Put a explosive charge on ground right under chopper, then step away and touch off the bomb, then go back and move the mouse around to see both decals.

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Decals? I don't see any decals there.