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Blood physic isn't realistic
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There is only blood texture and we don't see any particles or realistic physic of blood for damage observed on mens. I think the game needs to improve blood reaction with environnement or particles and texture should be improved.


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blood spurts happen in anime and hollywood, not in real life. In real life blood seeps, except in the case of limbs being lost, or bullets going through heads. Especially for typical military small arms calibers, bleeding won't even start instantaneously, as a bullet will temporarily seal off capillaries and other blood vessels from the pressure of its passing. The most that could be done to make the system more realistic would be to have blood drip off of wounded arms and legs.

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the current puff effects aren't even good. too unifom.

Blood effects need work. The puffy cloud overlay is nearly identical to OFP:CWC.

Agreed with Traxus. A little dripping particle effect can work, hopefully if it isn't too intensive on the resources.

The blood decals shouldn't appear immediately, it should appear as if fading in and "growing" as the blood seeps and spreads across wound.

Also I think the blood on uniform is a little too bright. Should be a much darker color.

Blood decals on the ground should appear more like a smudge rather than a big drop of splatter. And this only when lying down, or kneeling. The amount of blood I have lost in a game is redicilous judging by the splatter trails I have left behind me.

The blood mist, or "puff" should really only be appearing when shot in the face, where skin is exposed. When hit on the body covered by uniform or armour, blood mist or "puff" should be replaced by a puff of dust, so one can still get a clear hit indicator.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.