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Suggestion: Multiplayer server filters need to be more extensive
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I would like to separate servers by more criterion. I would also like to be able to favorite a server then filter my favorites.

-difficulty (Recruit, veteran,...)
-3rd person view on/off
-favorite servers
-filter OUT by specific words
-Show ingame time (night vs. day)
(I will add more as people suggest in the notes)


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Why is this marked as major?

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I'd like a filter that hides servers from the list if they include words such as "wasteland" in the server or mission name.

If i want to play a post-apocalypse deathmatch without zombies, i'll just play DayZ on ARMA 2.

Edit: But this isn't a major issue.

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Sorry about listing it as major. I'm a noob to alpha testing and this is my first post. I changed it to "feature". I hope that is more appropriate.

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I agree that the issue is related, but my post is different and more specific.

I would like to see wildcard expansion on hostnames and version checking to kick out incompatible servers.

A more advanced approach would be to allow players to create lists of filters. Basically have a dropdown of all possible filters (player count, max players, battleye, hostname, etc). Selecting one gives you possible values and/or input boxes, then you click "add" to add it to the list. Maybe just have this as an advanced tab in the server dialog.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:32 PM

Since ARMA is such an open simulation with many different playstyles ranging from COD-like (with 3rd person and crosshair) to hardcore, I think good server setting filters are a must.
Please add a "no crosshair" filter as well.

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