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Civilians are more resistant to damage than OPFOR riflemen
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From 300m, a civilian takes two rounds from an EBR or MXM to kill, while OPFOR wearing body armor typically takes only one. {F18741}


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Shoot civilians from 300m. Shoot OPFOR from 300m. Compare results.

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Bulletproof t-shirts ftw, yo.

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We are very sorry but we were unable to reproduce this issue. Have you using extended armor setting?

I'll see if I can create a repro map or video. Will check the extended armor settings.

Reproducible in the attached mission with extended armor either on or off (does not seem to make a difference). Shoot a civilian in the small of the back (right where his belt would be). Takes two hits to kill. Shoot opfor at same location, or even further down toward the legs, and they die in one hit. At these short ranges, a shot to the upper torso will kill the civilians in one hit, but at further distances it often takes two hits.