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Game keeps adding French keyboard layout to windows
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This only happens when playing ARMA 3 and is totally random.

On my PC I have two keyboard layouts, one for SK and one for ENG, between which I shift by pressing LALT+LSHIFT. This does as expected, even when in-game I press the two keys together (LALT for looking around, LSHIFT for walking pace).

But every now and then, while in-game, a French keyboard layout appears in my language bar :| This I notice when trying to type some text into the chat box, and instead of "asd" i get "qsd". I have no idea why, and most importantly how this happens, but it keeps happening, and as the attached picture shows, it's not even show in the "installed services" tab, and so to remove the FR keyboard layout I first have to add it myself (?!) and then remove it.

Also here I would like to ask wether it is normal that when typing in any of the in-game channels the game registers some of the hotkeys just like when I'm not typing into a channel - so the wristwatch and compass keep popping up, but worse yet I even throw grenades when typing something with two letter G's close together. Very annoying :/ {F18716}


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Would be interesting to see if anybody else with a similiar keyboard layout setup ever experienced something like this. Basically just play the game, and keep switching your keyboard layouts, see if the French pops up.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. This looks like some Windows problem and we are not able to reproduce nor resolve this issue.