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Feature: Allow windows and window shutters to be opened
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As per the title, make glass windows - and window shutters in particular - openable and closeable via the action menu (like doors are ATM). The windows should also have hitpoints so that they can be shot apart, blown off by explosives or destroyed in other ways (goes for doors too). Would increase tactical options in CQB immensely.


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Oh jeah - definately

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This would really increase immersion and give the player some tactical options.
But I am afraid the effort required for reworking the house models would be significant.

@oldy41: Seeing as I'm not a modeler, this is just unqualified speculation, but wouldn't it mostly be a cut-and-paste job? ATM, there is one base house window model which would have to be re-modeled and re-worked to allow for animation. You'd also have to model a series of damage states (if the second part of my request was to be implemented). All the other window variations can then be derived from various combinations of animation and damage states of the base window model. Going in and replacing the old windows with the new ones in the various houses shouldn't be too laborious either seeing as there's actually only 7 individual house models with wondows, which are then cleverly copy-pasted across the map (granted, I expect there'll be more once Altis comes into the picture).

definately needed

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