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Briefing Module - Please allow the ability to order the titles
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There doesn't seem to be a way to set the briefing order. I've tried syncing them in order. I've tried editing them in order. I've tried grouping and syncing them to each other, and other things. It would be very nice to be able to set their orders somehow in the editor.


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This issue is still very problematic in 1.66 stable. Proper order of tasks and diary records for briefing can only be achieved by placing the Create Task or Create Diary Record modules in a set order, with the last-placed module being placed on top in the list. PLEASE make task order relative to taskID, so that taskID = 1 will always be on top in task list, taskID = 2 the next down, and so on. As Create Diary Record has no such thing as an enterable ID, a new parameter, such as "Record Order" or "RecordID," should be added to make it simple to order the diary records.