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No collision on attached objects
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I created a curved ramp out of concrete ramp segments, attached them with each other and changed the vector. I created an offroad truck and drove on the ramp. After the first concret ramp segment there is no collision detection at the other ramp segments and you just drive through them. But you can easily can walk at the top of the ramp {F18695}


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Steps To Reproduce

-open the editor
-go to the runway at the airfield (or anywhere else)
-create a playable unit (Offroad, Hunter, Ifrit...)
-create six concrete ramps (Side:"Empty", Class: "Objects" (Training), Unit: "Concrete ramp")
-name them from "a" to "f"
-place ramp "a" on the runway (or anywhere else)
-doubleclick on ramp "b" and write into the init-field: "this attachto [a, [0,-8.9,2]]; this setvectorup [0,0.1,1]" (with this command line, you attach ramp "b" at the end of ramp "a" and change its tilt angle)
-go to ramp "c" and write into the init-field: "this attachto [b, [0,-8.9,2]]; this setvectorup [0,0.1,1]" (the only difference is the letter b after "attachto".
-go on with the other three ramps, fill the init-fields with the same lines you see above and just change the letters (b attach to a, c attach to b, [...], f attach to e)
-now click on preview and you'll see a great "skateboard like" ramp
-drive on the ramp -----> fall through the second segment

Additional Information

attaching to many ramps with the init-lines can cause a crash

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That issue still exists.

It seems, that all kind of wheeled vehicles can't handle the "attachto" command and just drive through the attached objects (no collision).

But if you are on foot, there is a collision model and you can walk on attached objects.