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During autorotation (helicopter engine off, falling slowly) the tail rotor still works
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I havent tested again since the first patch, so close this if it was covered.

Anyway, if you fly up in a helicopter and turn off the engine you begin to fall and your blades auto rotate slowing your decent. Honestly you dont have to do anything and you will probably survive, which I think is misleading and too easy. Also, your tail rotor still works which makes no sense as they cant be auto rotated by the fall.


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Fly helicopter, turn off engine, use tail rotor.

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I don't see what's wrong there. As the small helos (MH-9/AH-9) are single-engined, the tail rotor must be linked to the main rotor. So when the main rotor spins, the tail rotor will do that also.

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True, main and tail rotors are connected, they can not spin independantly, unless the tailboomshaft disintegrated or something.

So how do the pedals increase or decrease the speed of rotation on the tail rotor? Is it a brake system? Or gears?

They change the angle of the blades... Just like the collective changes the angle of the main rotor. The RPM is consistent (give or take resistance)

lol... Sometimes it's better to first check google than to ask dumb questions.

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.