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Weight of an aircraft-vehicle is irrelative with its current cargo.
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The more men-stuff an aircraft (or vehicle) has, the more heavy it should "feel", on controls and on physics.
E.g. control response and behaviour of a helicopter, is the same, no matter how many men it carries.
It's not a big issue, but it might be relatively easy for the DEV team to implement.So,
If you people believe it too, vote up.Else, let them work on other major stuff...


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My dream is to have something halfway between arcade and simulation flight models (something like the Intermediate difficulty in TOH) so upvoting this because would be a step towards my wish :D


However; a chopper should be able to carry a couple of units without noticing any differences in handling.

With heavy cargo (eg. Chinook with small vehicle or container) inside or under it, should change the handling.
If I'm correct this is already present at the TKOH flight model, so should apply to ArmA3 at a certain point anyway.

Yes i can confirm that this feature is already implemented and working great in TOH.
About your first line
"However; a chopper should be able to carry a couple of units without noticing any differences in handling."

It's true if (taking in example a littlebird) the 2 units are 1 on the right and 1 on the left. If both would seat on the right external seat you would feel quite a difference in handling.

Weight balancing is crucial in flight dynamics

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.