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Rocket sound, impact, and area effect not real enough
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I have been standing next to some one when they fire a rocket and had no effect on hearing. I do believe when some one fires a rocket next to you you're probably gonna hear a high pitch sound for a while if anything. I would also suspect that if your standing next to where it hits you will experience the same effect. When the rocket hits near you your weapon sight will raise that's it. I think if an explosion goes off next to you your probably gonna get knocked over and maybe get hit with shrapnel and have loss of hearing for some time followed by a high pitch. The last thing is i can stand behind a guy launching a rocket with no ill effect. if you did that in real life you would probably be killed if not at least injured.


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stand next to or behind some one firing a rocket. stand next to an object being hit by a rocket.

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agreed for sound and earloss, not for backblast.

NLAW is a recoil-less weapon with no Backblast for "confined space suitability"

Not sure about the RPG but i bet that for balancing reasons and also because we are 20+ years in the future, tech evolved.

ACE MOD will probably reintroduce "old-style" weapons with all the features they had in A2