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exiting a vehicle without a chance of being a sitting duck
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I would like to request getting out the vehicle safely without revealing myself, as an example, if I am under fire from the drivers seat, I want to get out the vehicle from the passengers seat.

If I the driver sits normally upright, I would get out normally by the drivers side door, however, If I am under fire from the drivers sideand want to exit the vehicle safely, I would get out the vehicle on the passengers side.

This way when under fire, and the vehicle is disabled, we can at least get out safely on the opposite side and use the car as cover.

a Suggestion as to how to do this will be pointing towards ticket where I describe ducking inside the car for cover, and this feature can be used in conjuction with this one to get out the car on the opposite side.

When in the driver seat, and under fire, to get out the vehicle safely on the opposite side, simply duck for cover (proning inside vehicle) and you will be facing the passenger door, then exit the vehicle to exit at the passenger side safely and take cover.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask, but when exiting the oposite side, exit in a crouched position too lessen the probability of being shot, because after all, it is about keeping your head down, and staying low, even when getting out the vehicle. =)


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see ticket on suggestion See ticket for more info

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This could be expended to include rear door and roof openings in APCs or any vehicle with multiple exits.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.