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Fatal error in STEAM that uninstalled Arma 3 after uninstalling and reinstalling Steam.
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I am so pissed off. This is not the first major problem I have had with steam. I have had major problems with them in the past and other games. Well, we went to play ArmA tonight and steam would not launch. I got a Steam fatal error every time I tried to launch Steam. Without launching Steam, Arma would not launch. The only thing I could do was uninstall Steam and reinstall. Well, after reinstalling Steam and launching, (WASTED TIME) Frikin Arma was uninstalled too. Now I am having to re-download and reinstall ARme, Patches, configure, BLA BLA BLA. F@%* Steam. Why are you guys using it.. Steam sucks and has cause me nothing but grief while at the same time shoving unwanted advertisements down my throat.


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