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requesting feature bring-back for helicopter crashes
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I would like to request an feature back that has been taken out of the game.
Since version came out, i have been missing the helicopter wrecking feature, even if it might be hard to be fully programmed and polished up, but it was a really good feature that made an awesome difference to the heli physics in
Arma 2.
I do not expect it being in the alpha again, but it would be epic if BIS would add it back in the beta, where I heard that more choppers should be released. {F18620}


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I know some Arma 3 players don't care about it, but if you have flown a chopper in Arma 2, you will think the same.

like if anyone wants, but this is more for the BIS developers.

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Unable to repro. It depends on damage. Full damage causes that model is wrecked.
On the picture KA60 is wrecked(damage=100%) and AH is not wreck(damage=less than 99%)